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Beta Version of Awee's education App released!

Updated: May 18, 2023

Awee is excited to announce the release of the Beta Version of Awee's next generation Cybersecurity threat identification and avoidance education App. The Awee educational platform fully engages users through a unique combination of games, videos, & tips & tricks all tied together through culturally agnostic animation.

The Awee App analytics engine calculates a Cyberscore for individual users, team, regions, divisions, etc., providing organizations with powerful insights into their Human Behavioral Risk Profile related to Cybersecurity threats.

Coming soon in Release 1.0 will be the ability for the Awee App to integrate with Reward & Recognition solution providers. This additional capability will provide learners with more ways to redeem points accumulated consuming content and demonstrating competence on the Awee App.

During the Beta release, Awee is soliciting early adopter clients interested in being active participants in the further development and evolution of this exciting new platform.

If interested in learning more about the Awee App and/or participating in our early adopter program, please connect with David Monroe, EVP & CRO at or call

At the heart of our approach is a strong desire to help all individuals better identify and avoid cyber threats. Whether they are customers, clients, employees or students, everyone must be aware of the current and evolving Cyber threats and be able to protect themselves. First and foremost, awareness is key, but to make it ultimately successful, we focus on easy, fun and simple ways to learn. That's why we have a team of specialists in cybersecurity, programming, design and marketing that allows us to deliver the most impactful learning experiences. Whether it's the development of the application, the improvement of the modules or the update of the lunch & learn, Awee always strives to innovate to guarantee you the best learning in terms of Cybersecurity awareness and avoidance!

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