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Whether for your organization or for yourself, Awee offers a wide range of free documents to raise awareness of good cybersecurity practices and facilitate positive human behavioral change to better identify and avoid cybersecurity threats.

CISA - enable

10 Tips about password importance and policy

May the 4th be with you!

This resource provides 10 tips to help you better secure your organization's passwords through education, policies, and rules

We included some pictures that you can use as wallpaper or posters for the occasion of password day.

image 10 conseils en matière de protection des données personnelles et loi 25..png

10 Tips about data protection and Bill 25.

On the occasion of the International Data Protection Day, we give you some advices concerning the protection of personal data in relation with the new law 25 in Quebec.
Discover 10 tips to help you comply with the many constraints of Bill 25 such as the transparency of information or the limitation of collectable data.

7 tips online holiday secure .png

7 tips to keep your online holiday shopping safe.

The holiday season is a favorite for hackers. Why is that? Because it's a time of year when you receive a lot of promotions, especially by email, and you shop online more often now. This creates a lot of opportunities for hackers.

With this document, learn the cyber behaviors to adopt during your online shopping and make your holiday purchases safely.

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