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Cybersecurity services

Our sister company, Kéréon inc, offers a wide range of cybersecurity services to help you implement effective management and defenses against cyberattacks that threaten your organization.


Cybersecurity advisory

Do you know your cyber risks? Are you following standards and best practices? Are you able to keep a record of your vulnerabilities? Do you comply with the new Law 25? Do you have a cyber insurance policy? Kéréon answers all your questions and helps you create a cybersecurity plan that fits your organization's needs.


Vulnerability test

Thanks to tools such as RSA Archer or Lucy, Kéréon is able to test the technologies and human defenses that make up your IT strategy against cybercriminals. Assessing your strengths and weaknesses in cybersecurity, we can establish a plan to strengthen vulnerabilities by priority (from the most risky and exposed to the least serious) and thus prevent hackers from successfully attacking your organization.



Kéréon offers specialized certification courses in cybersecurity (CISSP, CEH, CND, CIH, CHFI), which already require advanced computer skills. These courses generally focus on one part of IT security such as network defense (CND) or cyber incident response (CIH). But Kéréon also offers introductory training that can be adapted to all and can be given directly at your organization.

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