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NetDiligence a great start for Awee app

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

NetDiligence Toronto 2022, was a great opportunity to reconnect in person with customers, prospects and partners for the first time in more than 2 years. Awee presented our new Education App to NetDiligence attendees and found a consensus around the need for a Human Behavioral approach to Cybersecurity Threat Identification and Avoidance education.

This 2-day event allows organizations to interact and engage together on the many issues regarding cyber threats and to better understand the solutions offered in the market to reduce costs and the risks to cyber insurance companies. It was reassuring to see attendees clearly focused on a need to address the gaps that allow Cybersecurity breaches to grow dramatically year over year despite the significant expenditures on Cybersecurity defense infrastructure globally.

Many attendees brought up the observation that companies and organizations are too fixated on new technology and AI to protect themselves, when many studies show that “90% of security breaches are caused by human error” Cybint. There is of course a need to develop and deploy a well thought out and deployed IT security infrastructure. However it is equally critical to identify and address the weakest link in the Cybersecurity chain, Human Behavior. Awee was unique at NetDiligence in that we were the only solution provider to offer a solution addressing the need to address Human Behavior around Cybersecurity. Throughout our interactions at the conference we found attendees in agreement with the need to address the weakest link, Human Behavior, immediately.

We are excited to work with our many new contacts from NetDiligence to help them “harden” the weakest link in their Cybersecurity chain. Thank you NetDiligence!


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