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Empower your team to become your strongest defense against cyber threats.
Join us in turning potential vulnerabilities into robust security with Lümee

Measure and reduce your human cyber risks, it's now possible!

Lümee shines a light on your human cyber risks with a cutting-edge educational app.

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The Cyberscore

The Cyberscore Provides powerful data based insights.

It increases or decreases depending on the action/inactivity and proficiency of the user on the application and determines the human risk profile by individual, team, region, etc.

Thanks to the Cyberscore and associated powerful statistics, you can adjust your training and correct any weaknesses.

Gamification of the content

The gamification of content allows the user to apply knowledge in a pleasant and fun environment, ultimately becoming unconsciously competent. The gamification of content enables users to learn in a simpler, more enjoyable way, while applying their knowledge in an almost unconscious way. Combined with reward and recognition, gamification provides the ideal environment for motivating individuals and increasing their retention of information.

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The importance of Reward and Recognition

Rewarding individuals for their efforts increases their commitment, because they feel recognized, but also because they want to progress in learning for themselves in order to earn the rewards associated with their learning experience.

That's why we've created a virtual currency, called Cheesecoins, combined with a system of knowledge advancement rewards that can be exchanged in the in-game store for in-app goodies, or from a selection of gifts chosen by organizations.

Multiplatform and ongoing training

Lümee has been designed so that you can learn anywhere, anytime. You can go from watching your videos on your computer to continuing to learn more with tips on your phone, and end up playing on your tablet, without losing your score.

Now you can learn anytime, anywhere.

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The Lümee admin app provides critical App insights and comprehensive management of your human cyber risk.

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"Companies want statistics and data to help them better understand their cyber exposure and how to manage it."

Managing director of the cybersecurity practice at Marsh

Meredith Schnur

Advanced Statistics

Thanks to the Lümee admin application, you have a complete overview of your organization's human cyber risks, simply and efficiently. Keep a constant eye on the evolution of these risks and adapt your management and training accordingly.

Custom dashboard

Once again, the application adapts to your needs. The Dashboard evolves according to the statistics you want to see and over the period you wish to observe. Has some data have become more important than others? No problem, just change the dashboard modules as you wish and see the data that's important to you.

Custom management

In the Lümee admin application, you can add your employees, create groups according to your needs and better manage their training. It's quite possible that you'll create groups based on departments to begin with. But you may also find it useful to create groups according to knowledge or risk levels on a particular subject. All this is easily done from the admin console.

Content Creation

On the Lümee admin application, you can add your own content. From videos and game levels to tips/tricks and app aesthetics. Have your teams been tricked by some phishing e-mails? Create a tip on the subject and reproduce the phishing e-mail in the admin app (as a test), so that it appears in the games. Prefer to focus this month's training on social engineering? Make a challenge that will earn you more knowledge points and cheesecoins on the subject. The app will adapt to your needs.

You want to be part of the solution?


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