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At the heart of our approach is a strong desire to help all individuals better identify and avoid cyber threats. Whether they are customers, clients, employees or students, everyone must be aware of the current and evolving Cyber threats and be able to protect themselves.
First and foremost, awareness is key, but to make it ultimately successful, we focus on easy, fun and simple ways to learn. That's why we have a team  of specialists in cybersecurity, programming, design and marketing that allows us to deliver the most impactful learning experiences. Whether it's the development of the application, the improvement of the modules or the update of the lunch & learn, Awee always strives to innovate to guarantee you the best learning in terms of Cybersecurity awareness and avoidance!


A strong small team for big successful projects



CEO & co-founder

Entrepreneur and innovator, Mr. Chouinard has more than 25 years of experience in IT and information security. Recognized trainer and speaker, his expertise is also sought in architecture and integration of solutions. His leadership, vision and ability to always find solutions are essential to the success of the business.



Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer

David brings more than 30 years of international sales and sales leadership experience to Awee.

His background includes work across North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean. Working for both start-ups and  Fortune 500 companies, David has a history of driving revenue growth from both direct sales and creative partnerships to dramatically expand market reach. At the core of David's approach is a commitment to work with the team to engage with customers to learn first and then work collaboratively to develop creative solutions to solve their identified business problems.

Mégane baron.png


Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

UX, UI, writer, strategist, online community manager… Mégane is our young recruit who’s constantly switching hats, helping us develop our products and understand your needs, so we can come up with the tools that are right for you.

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