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A fun and interactive way to learn

 It is recognized that a higher degree of information retention is achieved when individuals are actively engaged in the learning experience and our workshops are created with this in mind.


Our strategy allows us to address specific Cybersecurity topics in a simple, fun and easy way in order to increase team learning performance and drive the right behaviors when faced with cyber threats.

Choose your time, the content and the simulations you want to give to your teams or choose a pre-made workshop.


A workshop can last one hour (lunch) or half a day depending on your cyber prevention needs.

Choice of content

Many topics are available (phishing, passwords, etc.). Choose the ones you want to emphasize to your teams.


On half days, we carry out simulations and activities for a better experience, retention of content and overall understanding for participants.

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Social Engineering


Social media




Clean Office



All subject for customized workshop

Choose a pre-made workshop

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You want to create new content? 

You want to create your own workshop!  You want to educate your employees/teams to adopt specific cyber behaviors such as reporting spam in your web environment or the proper use of your organization's computer systems. All this is possible, make an appointment with us to discuss it.

Worshop fomular

Make the request for the workshop of your choice 

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