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Awee and RiskRecon at FIC 2023 Summary

We spent two extraordinary days at the FIC Montréal last week with our partner RiskRecon, a Mastercard company!

Awee and Riskrecon's booth at FIC 2023

We met an impressive number of people who came to ask us how our solution, Lümee, measures human risk and how RiskRecon measures 3rd Party risk. These numerous exchanges proved to us that measuring human and partner risk is a major issue in all organizations, from government agencies to large and small businesses. All are hard-pressed to find a solution that will enable them not only to measure risk, but also to reduce it.

Patrick Chouinard , Awee's CEO, presented at FIC second edition

That's why our presentation on risk measurement and assessment for users and suppliers, presented by Patrick Chouinard our CEO, was delivered to a standing room only audience, with a large number of participants coming to see us and discuss these critical topics.

The Lümee launch has got off to a great start, and we're keeping up the momentum, because we're confident that our solution is the one that will solve the problem of measuring and reducing human cyber risks.

Lümee logo

Lümee is an educational platform that fully engages users through a unique combination of games, videos, tips and tricks, all tied together by culturally agnostic animation. Through a users interaction with the many learning opportunities on the platform, users achieve a Cyberscore that represents their cybersecurity knowledge and highlights their Human Behavioral Risk profile. The next generation Lumee education App allows clients to manage and train their teams as they wish, depending on the cyber problems each individual, team, region, division, etc. need to focus on. If you interested for a demo, please reach out to our CRO at

RiskRecon logo

RiskRecon equips organizations with the means to gain a deeper understanding of their digital landscape, especially when it comes to third-party vulnerabilities. With RiskRecon, you can effortlessly access up-to-the-minute insights into your partners' cybersecurity performance, enabling you to grasp the potential risks associated with these partnerships and make informed decisions. For further information about RiskRecon request a demo, or go to

Presentation by RiskRecon and Awee at FIC


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