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NetDiligence Toronto March 2023

We were thrilled to take part in the Human Element and Workforce Risk Underwriting panel, as it aligns with our key concerns and new educational solution.

Following the panel, we received numerous visitors at the Awee booth who were interested in discussing our innovative approach to measuring Cyber human risk. Our participation at the conference once again emphasized the need for organizations to have a solution that offers ongoing training to assess human cyber risk.

If you visited us at the conference, you were able to learn more about our cutting-edge solution that not only engages learners but also keeps Cyber topics top of mind. The Awee app provides comprehensive data and analysis to organizations, making it a fully immersive learning experience for learners. But if you did not have the chance to be part of NetDiligence, don't worry you can learn more about the app here . If you want to be part of the Beta test (yes it is already released!) you can contact our EVP & CRO at david.monroe@awee.caor call 647-295-8485.

At our booth, we also had an escape game, which is available in our App. Many attendees took part and some even managed to solve the puzzle (with a little bit of help!). We would like to express our gratitude to all the participants who showed enthusiasm for our game, and we have exciting surprises in store for the next NetDiligence conference!

Our strategy is driven by a genuine desire to support everyone in better understanding and avoiding cyber risks. Everyone must be aware of the present and emerging cyber risks and be prepared to protect themselves, regardless of whether they are customers, clients, employees, or students.

Although awareness is important in the first place, we emphasise simple, enjoyable approaches to learn in order to achieve success in the long run. To give the most effective learning experiences, we have a team of specialists in cybersecurity, programming, design, and marketing.

Awee constantly attempts to innovate, whether it's through the creation of the application, the enhancement of the modules, or the updating of workshops, to ensure that you receive the greatest learning in terms of cybersecurity awareness and avoidance.

Cyber risk readiness and response services are the area of expertise for NetDiligence®.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of cybersecurity, NetDiligence is a highly regarded supplier of cyber risk management tools and services to the insurance sector, including QuietAudit® cyber risk evaluations, the eRiskHub® cyber risk management portal, and Breach Plan Connect® (with a companion mobile app) to assist policyholders with planning their data breach responses.

Annual Cyber Risk Summits are held by NetDiligence in Philadelphia, Santa Monica, Toronto, London, and Bermuda. The company also releases an annual Cyber Claims Report. 2020 will see the introduction of sophisticated virtual programming by NetDiligence® to complement its in-person Cyber Risk Summit meetings.

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