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Cybercriminals don't take vacations!

Protect your data at all times

Vacations are an opportunity for cybercriminals: their techniques adapt to the context of travel and absence, and they target their attacks accordingly.

Here are some tips and tricks for a relaxing cyber vacation:

Secure your accounts and data

  • Use strong passwords that are as long as possible

  • Don't use the same passwords for multiple accounts

  • Use 2-factor authentication and VPN access when possible

Do not use a public computer to access your accounts

  • They could contain malware that records your keystrokes or data

  • This includes your banking, email and social media accounts

Don't use free charging stations

  • It is very easy for a cybercriminal to download information or even install malware on charging devices

  • Why not bring an external battery with you to charge your devices?

Be careful with public wifi networks

  • These are easy targets for cybercriminals to steal your personal information

Use social media in a cyber-safe manner

  • You shouldn't share information about your travels and vacation dates.

  • Use caution and discretion when posting information

Never click on unknown links

  • Whether it's a link in an email or a text message, never click on a link of unknown origin

  • Phishing attacks adapt to the context of the vacations and can target you based on information you have publicly posted

Disable connections on your devices

  • Turn off Bluetooth, wifi and cellular network when not in use as these are easy gateways to access your devices.

Manage your device data

  • Save a copy of your device data

  • Enable functions to track and block your cell phone, and to remotely wipe your data

Follow these tips and all should be well.

Happy vacations for those of you who are and good luck to the others!


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