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Awee next generation Cybersecurity education App update.

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Less than 60 days ago, Awee released the Beta version of our new Cybersecurity threat identification and avoidance education App. We were thrilled to be able to engage a select group of world-class beta testers from the Insurance Industry, Breach Mitigation Legal Practices and large Corporations/Organizations.

We have been receiving the first round of great feedback and insights from the market through the Beta testing process. In June we will be presenting our updated product Roadmap to our testing community. Our goal is to incorporate the great feedback we are receiving and bring a powerful new solution to market with real time user input included.

What we will discuss during this webinar

  • Feedback and insights of the Beta tester to improve the product and the experience.

  • Awee’s roadmap with the incorporation of the suggestions from the Beta testers.

  • Update regarding commercial release and tentative early adopter licensing fees.

Does the Awee solution interest you? You can get involved!

Contact David Monroe, EVP & CRO, at to learn more about the solution and becoming a Beta tester!

What are the benefits of being a beta tester?

  • Be part of this next generation solution that addresses cybersecurity awareness.

  • Provide feedback so that the solution meets your needs right from the start.

  • Benefit from discounted license fees for first-time users.


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