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Why raise cybersecurity awareness?

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

To begin with, what does it mean to raise awareness? According to the Cambridge dictionary, awareness means: "Knowledge that something exists, or understanding of a situation or subject at the present time based on information or experience”

In our case, many of us use computers, tablets or cell phones that are connected to an internal network or the Internet. However very few of us are aware of the dangers of using these tools and the potential costs associated with these risks.

The proof is in the numbers:

Today, over 85% of computer breaches in organizations are caused by human elements.

Canadians lost more than $230 million to online fraud in 2021, according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

78% of Canadian businesses were victims of a successful cyber attack in 2020, according to a report by CyberEdge group.

It is therefore important to raise awareness of cybersecurity among your teams, clients and students so that they learn the right behaviors to adopt in any situation, such as:

  • Recognizing fraudulent emails

  • Using strong passwords

  • Not visiting to just any site or clicking on harmful links

  • Securing their workspace, etc.

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and their action more difficult to detect. Pursuing an IT security awareness campaign, and keeping up to date on a regular basis, are important.

Our Awee application meets this challenge head on and will enable you to stay informed and aware. With our tips and tricks, videos, and games, Awee makes learning fun, simple and easy! Be part of a great opportunity to shape the future of cybersecurity awareness. Visit our app page and and reach out to us for more at:

"While security tools can help reduce these threats, data can’t ultimately stay safe unless all employees learn how to recognize when they're the target of an attack and know what to do — and what not to do."

Steve Buege

Security Magazine on November 21, 2021

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