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Awee announces Canada wide partnership with BFL.

Awee is pleased to announce the signing of BFL to an exclusive Canadian agreement to resell Awee's 1st Generation Cyber Threat Identification and Avoidance Education modules to its commercial clients effective immediately.

Patrick Chouinard, Co-founder and President of Awee said "the addition of a major nationwide Insurance Brokerage like BFL CANADA will accelerate Awee's expansion in the Canadian marketplace." Walid Khayate, Vice-President, Integrated Risk Management and Cyber Risk Consulting Practice Director at BFL CANADA shared that "With the importance of Cyber threat avoidance to insurance clients, insurance companies and brokers alike, the addition of the Awee capabilities will provide our clients with a new ability to identify and avoid Cyber Threats."

About Awee

At the heart of our approach at Awee is a strong desire to help all individuals better identify and avoid cyber threats. Whether you are a customer, partner, employees, students, etc., everyone should be aware of the dangers of the Cyber threats and be able to protect themselves from them.

First and foremost, awareness is key, but to make it ultimately successful, we focus on easy, fun and simple ways to learn. That's why we have a team of specialists in cybersecurity, programming, design and marketing that allows us to deliver the most impactful learning experiences. Whether it's the development of the application, the improvement of the modules or the update of the lunch & learn, Awee always strives to innovate to guarantee you the best learning in terms of Cybersecurity awareness and avoidance!


Founded in 1987 by Barry F. Lorenzetti, BFL CANADA is one of the largest employee-owned and operated Risk Management, Insurance Brokerage, and Employee Benefits consulting services firms in North America. The firm has a team of over 1100 professionals located in 24 offices across the country. BFL CANADA is a founding Partner of Lockton Global LLP, a partnership of independent insurance brokers who provide Risk Management, Insurance and Benefits Consulting services in over 140 countries around the world.

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