Security Awareness

Making your organization security aware through a simplified program? 
Insuring compliance adherence, improving security behaviours and reducing risks?

Yes, it is all possible with the Awee® solution.

Self-learning program & easily understandable concepts.

An innovative solution that increases security awareness for all employees and subcontractors, focusing on best practices and behaviours through effective, easy-to-understand and eye-opening explanations.

We have simplified the technical terminology  in order to optimise overall understanding and allow for an easier integration of teachings and to maximize information retention.

Our philosophy is simple: Maximize best behaviours and vigilance in order to create concrete and measurable reduction of risk generated by human factors.

Change risk-related behaviours in your organization.

Allows for increased alertness of all employees and generates maximum behavioural changes inside your organization.

Team members will quickly integrate simple gestures  in their daily routines that will generate an overall security risk and incident frequency reduction for your organisation and will ensure easier compliance with Corporate controls.

We will teach your employees simple and effective behaviour changes  that will increase their comprehension with the use of easy-to-understand concepts applying eye-opening cognitive psychology based techniques oriented towards maximum teaching retention.

User-friendly for all users. Simple implementation and management.

Our simple implementation approach allows for maximal customization of our program for your organization and will allow you to focus your efforts towards your team members and not technology.

Multidisciplinary expertise consultants are available internally and cover the different facets and steps of awareness program implementation.

Our solution maximizes results at a price point that is more than competitive.


Our commmitment towards our clients 

We strive for quality and efficient results as we are committed to meet your targeted objectives in security awareness. Along with the assistance of our multidisciplinary experts we use a format that not only will ensure success and results but is also totally in alignment with your corporate culture and needs.